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Piano, Voice, Jazz, Songwriting, & Composition

A classically trained pianist and vocalist, Isabella is passionate about education. Originally from Brazil and with a background in engineering and business, she approaches teaching from a problem-solving perspective and recognizes that each student learns differently. She's always looking for the best ways to help students achieve their goals. She founded IMMusic two years ago, and the studio continues to grow. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching, and five years in education and curriculum building. Her training includes Carnegie Hall's Music Education Workshop and she's currently training at Berklee's ABLE program in Music Education & Special Needs. In her free time, Isabella enjoys playing with her cat!

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Voice, Piano, Music Theory, & Performance

Singer, songwriter, teacher, and performer, Leah Hinton was born in Durham, North Carolina and lives in New York City. An alumna of Berklee College of Music, she received her degree in Music Business while studying Jazz Voice. Leah has an eclectic background singing in the styles of jazz, soul, rock and roll, Americana, blues, and classical. She loves teaching her students in the focuses of voice, piano, music theory, and performance. 
“With confidence, hard work, and commitment, your world can open up so much." –Leah

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Music Production, Songwriting, & Composition

Anthony Goodfellow was born in Bristol, United Kingdom and has lived and worked in Berlin, Madrid, and The Hague. He played in bands ranging from noise, rock, indie, country, metal, and free improvisation, but is known internationally as a prolific electronic producer. He also composes for film, runs boutique vinyl record labels, and travels as a DJ and live performer.