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Kids in Preschool


Our early education program begins as early as 3 years old. Early childhood music education has many benefits, including, but not limited to: language development, improve focus and memory, improve fundamental math skills, and self-confidence. Learn below about the various programs we use for early childhood music education! 

Inside the classroom...

Carnegie Hall's Music Educator Toolbox

This set of free online resources for music teachers includes lesson plans and activities, summative and formative assessments, video examples, and documented best practices. Designed to be effective and adaptable in a wide variety of music classrooms, the resources were developed through Carnegie Hall’s five-year residency in a New York City elementary/middle school.

The toolbox currently features grade-specific music education resources that address fundamentals of rhythm and meter, form and design, expressive qualities, pitch, and performing.


Play Music Play Rhythm

"Play Music Play Rhythm" is a whole new way for kids to learn rhythm. It's fun& simple! Kids learn beats with our unique system of Music Friends. Learn more about Music Friends in our Playground.

Play Music Play Rhythm.png

Music for Little Mozarts

A course designed for preschool age students that provides a comprehensive approach to musical learning, using the piano over, a two year period.

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