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Music Equipment


Learn the basics music production through story telling, collaboration and musical elements. Using the resources from Carnegie Hall Music Educators Program, we offer guidance and mentorship as students explore music production. These first two programs are project based and use Soundtrap as its primary tool of production. In addition to these two programs, we offer private coaching with top industry music producers, for the advanced students looking to explore more in depth concepts. Learn more about each option below! 


Music Production with Charles Burchell sponsored by Carnegie Hall

Producer and percussionist Charles Burchell welcomes you to his digital music studio to play around with the tools and ideas behind much of the popular music of the last 50 years. Charles walks you through the different components of digital music production, providing a step-by-step approach to creating loops, beats, basslines, melodies, and arrangements. (Via Carnegie Hall)


Make Joyful Noise by Soul Science Lab

In this set of learning experiences, hip-hop artists, musicians, and educators Chen Lo and Asante Amin—the creative forces behind Soul Science Lab—challenge students to examine how artists respond to the world around them. By breaking down their artistic process, Chen and Asante open the door for young thinkers, activists, and musicians to share their own vision for the world.

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Private Coaching

On this track, our private instructors work one-on-one with students to explore recording, arranging as well as advanced techniques in mixing and mastering. This music production program will give the students the skills you need to master Ableton, LogicPro, and much more.

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