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Our Approach

At IMMusic, we offer music education that is personalized and creative in meeting individual student needs. We believe anyone can learn to sing or play a musical instrument, and appreciate that each student learns differently. With kindness, patience, and dedication we foster student development and inspire growth.


"Isabella is able to find and celebrate the unique styles of each of her students. She connects to the students and is invested in their success—on the piano, academically, and socially. She's a natural teacher."



We offer a hybrid model in our student where lessons can be done either in person or online.

Our advanced setup shows simultaneous views of the piano, teacher, and sheet music—meaning we continue to offer high-quality, personalized education.

Enjoy our unique virtual approach from a simple Zoom meeting. 


Hi, I am Isabella Mendes, founder and owner of IMMusic. I am a classically trained jazz pianist, vocalist, songwriter and educator. I love to teach! 


I believe anyone can learn how to play an instrument or sing a song. With kindness, patience, dedication and fun, we can make learning music enjoyable.


Whether you're looking to learn it as a hobby, or just would like musical exposure for your children or if you'd like to pursue music as a career, my lessons are catered to each student's individual needs. I recognize that everyone learns differently, so lesson plans are customized for each student's way of learning!  


I am a classically trained pianist with over 15 years of teaching experience. My students range from 4 to 80 years old. It's never too late to learn! All ages and levels welcomed. 


If you're interested in learning more, please send me an email or follow my contact form and sign up below!

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