At IMMusic, we offer private and group lessons on: piano, voice, early childhood education and music production. Within these programs we also explore composition, improvisation, jazz, creativity, songwriting and more. Programs are designed to foster creativity and individual student growth. We take our time to understand the student's learning style, goals, and musical preferences.
We cater our lesson plans to fit your needs. All ages, levels, and abilities are welcome!

IMMusic Studio provides students with personalized music education. We understand that each student learns differently. We use many different methods and resources to find what's best for each student. If we can't find it, we can create it! Below is a list of the many teaching methods we utilize. 


Our piano program is focused on technique, music literacy, ear training and creativity. ​We have a library of method books and resources to ensure the best method and pedagogical approach is being chosen based on each student's learning style, and developmental stage. 

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Our early education program begins as early as 3 years old. Early childhood music education has many benefits, including, but not limited to: language development, improve focus and memory, improve fundamental math skills, and increase self-confidence. 

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When learning how to sing, we are working with an ever constant changing instrument. The study of voice is a mindful, self-reflective, personal and beautiful journey. We use breath, movement, imagery and mindfulness to learn how to apply vocal techniques to our unique instrument.

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Learn the basics of recording and arranging as well as advanced techniques in mixing and mastering. Our music production program will give you the skills you need to master Ableton, LogicPro, and much more. We also use Soundtrap and Carnegie Hall course resources for the early beginner.  

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